Sharing this message with all of you has become my passion and changed my life at the same time. Here is why I decided to JOIN PURE Haven Essentials...

Why PURE Haven Essentials? …so here is my story. I can sum it up in one word…KAYLA! That is my sweet 4 year old daughter. Back in 2014, while finding sponsors for my The Babywearing Workout Challenge I met a PHE consultant and learned a lot from her about the correlation between harmful chemicals and the incidence of rising cancer (as well as ADHD, Alzheimers, and Autism) rates. It spurred me to examine the personal care products that I purchase and use for myself and my family. Upon finding many toxic chemicals (including formaldehyde and parabens and coal tar dye, etc) in a leading ‘tear free’ baby wash, I knew I had to change things. I found PURE Haven Essentials and this versatile, effective, and affordable product line and have never looked back. I also love that I am able to contribute to my family’s financial freedom and be a strong, positive role model as a successful female entrepreneur for my daughter Kayla. She’s already running the “ice cream shop” at the playground for all the other kids! My family loves my business, loves our products, and loves the benefits that my work affords them…and I love it too, including all of the amazing people I get to meet and the lifelong friendships I have established. The best part though is helping to initiate real change in this country by creating educated and empowered consumers. I am part of something vital to the health and well-being of others and that is a tremendous gift.

Your friends will Thank You for letting them know what’s going on and how dangerous our personal care and household items are we’ve been using all of these years. Please share this message and if it speaks to your heart join my Non-Toxic Tribe and let’s be the change‬ we want to see in this world!

I invite you to watch this short video… is this mission right for you?


PURE Haven Essentials is the safest full line of personal care and home cleaning products on the market: Skin Care, Hair, Body, Baby, Kids, Men’s, Teeth, Cosmetics,  Scents, Candles, Home, Pet, Sunscreen and Bug Spray!

The best product of all is the amazing business opportunity that will change your life and the life of those around you… now that’s #PURElove!

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